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Start gambling with domino qiu qiu game today

Now you can gamble around with real money for domino game as well. Some of the best sites even offer 10 per cent of the bonus to every new member of the site as well as around 2 per cent on every deposit. Less amount of deposit is even required to start enjoying this game. This game consist of varied features as,

  • The minimum deposit as well as withdrawal are required through BRI, BNI, BCA
  • 10 per cent of the bonus for the first deposit
  • Bonus 2 per cent on each time deposit
  • Around ten or twenty per cent bonuses from every table piece on the friend’s game
  • It can be enjoyed and played through iPhone, blackberry, android or computer
  • It requires around six players on one table

The domino qiu qiu game holds different tables that have different number of stakeholders as well.

People around when hear the name of the Qiu Qiu they immediately remember the card game. This card game is played since years from traditional time and it makes use of the domino card. Still some people around are playing this game for free. However the domino qiu qiu is one game which helps in making for large number of players. If you are also amongst them who love making money in fast manner then you should go through this game guide and understand all its features. In this game following rules are available as,

  • The cards consist of different cards which are 28 in number and can be played amongst two or more than two players. The card number is denoted with the red sphere or with a dot
  • The players in this game play also gets distributed as many as four in numbers and the players which holds highest score comes out as the winner
  • The four sharing cards are combined and it is where the four cards get in two pairs with combined value
  • Number of these values on this card can also be easily seen from two cards whose values get summed up and numbers are retrieved on its back. The major point is even that sum of two cards are more than number 10 and can be more than number 20.

All players in it get distributed as more than three dominoes. At earliest opportunity and when card get distributed as three cards on all the players can start playing to bet or raise nominal bet for final or fourth card. If any of the player don’t want to follow then the bet submitted by other player, then that player is automatically not entitled for final card and declared as lose. On second instance, when players gets final or fourth card then this last bet is done for determining who will be ultimate winner. The winners in this game are determined on the basis of numerical values by combining two highest pair of cards. Know more about this exciting game play online through

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