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Are Bitcoin And PayPal Attractive Payment Solutions For Online Casinos?

When you are looking for online gambling sites, you will find several payment options available to fund your casino account as well as cash-out winnings. Online casino owners aim to cater to worldwide players in the best way offering local and global solutions. There are several worldwide solutions to choose from if you are uninterested in using national ones. 

Two payment methods are recognized globally and popular in the casino sector. Both are good options for standard banking. PayPal and Bitcoin are virtually visible on every gambling site you will explore. Let’s understand why Bitcoin and Paypal are famous.


Bitcoin is a virtual or digital currency that has been revolutionizing online payment transactions, since its launch in 2009. It also led to the introduction of different kinds of cryptocurrencies. On Bitone Core, you will get to read a lot of reviews on different crypto casinos residing on the internet. It is the best platform to gain education about how Bitcoin casinos function. 

Bitcoin is a popular payment method as it offers anonymity due to its decentralized nature. Besides, it offers solid security as blockchain technology is used. Block tech is impenetrable as the transaction loop is speedy and encrypted. Hackers can hardly decode the transactions. Therefore it has become a preferred solution for online casino players to fund and cash out winnings. 


PayPal got launched in 1998 and has successfully expanded its reach as an acceptable payment method across the world. Its strongest feature is the reputation, track record, and tight security that makes this eWallet a safe way for online fund transfer. No countries have blocked PayPal for disreputable practices because its regulatory standards in financial and online casinos are strict. 

PayPal is acknowledged with 20+ prestigious awards and its online transaction process is simplified for the users. Players can’t wager with credit cards because gambling is banned in many countries. PayPal offers the players a convenient option.

Bitcoin vs PayPal – How to get started?

With Bitcoin, you will need a wallet to store your BTC safely. There are different types of desktop, hardware, and online wallet solutions. When you buy a wallet, you will be given public and private keys, which are your wallet address. You will need the wallet address whenever you do the BTC transaction [never share your wallet key with everyone]. To get bitcoin you will need to buy them from the crypto exchange or privately. 

Creating a PayPal account is easy. Provide personal details like name, surname, address, and email address. Verification paperwork is also necessary for regulatory reasons. After your account verification is approved, you will be allowed to fund the account. For funding a PayPal account, you can use a credit card or bank transfer or other PayPal products [Mastercard or Connect]. Credit card funding carries a charge of 3%. A currency exchange charge of 2.5% is applied with a currency different from your local or default currency you created while opening the account. After funding, you are prepared to use it.

Bitcoin vs. PayPal – How to withdraw?

Bitcoin withdrawals are similar to the fiat currency cash-out process. In the cashier section, define the withdrawal amount and you will see the casino owner’s wallet address. Copy and Paste it on your BTC Wallet. Confirm the transaction and within a few seconds or minutes, BTC will land in your wallet. 

Cashout the winnings with PayPal are simple and similar to Bitcoin cash out. The only difference is to enter the cash amount you want to withdraw and transfer in your PayPal account. The withdrawals take a few minutes but players appreciate it. 

Some benefits…..

Both payment methods Bitcoin and PayPal are solutions used globally. The majority of countries accept and use both solutions. The reputation of both is remarkable as an alternative payment model. Millions of worldwide people use it for everyday payment transactions. Nevertheless, offer instant, convenient, and safe transactions. You will find both these used across online casinos the most. 

Some differences…..

With bitcoin the transaction fees are low. There is no sharing of personal details. Your transactions are non-traceable, so your gambling habits are disguised. On the downside, the bitcoin value is highly volatile and the transactions are irreversible. 

With PayPal, you share bank details but are impermeable by 3rd parties. Using eWallet users enjoy a global and popular service. You can control the gambling budget because you will be unable to spend more than the account holds at a specific moment. Getting started is convenient and easy. It is accepted in hundreds of online gambling sites as well as on every e-commerce site you depend on for your daily needs. 

Even though Bitcoin is a great payment option there are boundaries. Nevertheless, since BTC is evolving to handle the vibrant and growing market’s needs, these limitations will not last long. 

With PayPal, all your accounts can be linked, so there is no issue in playing your casino games. You can cash out your earnings with extra commission or issues. There are different eWallet options like PayPal available on the internet. However, using PayPal the user is certain that he/she is a part of the responsible network, which consistently evolves to reinforce its standards and deliver great services with better options daily. 

Some negativity…..

Many people are irresponsible and lose their BTC wallet keys. Therefore it is essential to gain awareness about cybersecurity. The block tech is virtually unhackable but individual, government or official users are! Many reputation management tools have been developed for the ‘Buyer’s Protection’ but it isn’t a thing with BTC at the moment. 

With PayPal, the main issue is poor customer service. PayPal has a strict policy and in case your account is suspended it can take time to unlock as their representatives are less helpful. Even though PayPal transfer hardly gets rejected you need to consider its customer service. Another disadvantage is its transaction fees but it is justified as you gain an alternative banking service. 

So, both options are great ways for funding your online casino needs but you decide to choose!

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