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What Are The Different Slots In Pragmatic Daily Win Available On Sbobet88?

There are various bonuses and promotions that sbobet88 offer. This includes a lot of daily wins which are a great advantage for its users and is also a great aspect of the website. This makes sure that there is a thrill in the life of users daily. Pragmatic Daily Win is also such a daily win and has a lot of tournament slots and casino play.

What Are The Tournament Slots & Casino Pragmatic Play?


  •         The minimum bet for you to participate in the tournament is around IDR 2000.
  •         Qualifying games for such tournaments are usually all except the money roll, Irish charms, 888 gold, diamonds are forever 3 lines, table games and queen of gold.
  •         The qualifying games for Cash drop are usually all except table games, hockey league, video poker, diamonds are forever 3 lines, money roll, Irish charms, KTV, 888 gold, lady of the moon, tales of Egypt, Aladdin’s treasure, Sugar rush summer time, great reef, dwarven gold, Devil’s 13, crazy 7’s, spooky fortune, sugar rush valentine’s day, busy bees, sugar rush, sugar rush winter.
  •         The sbobet88 scoreboard of the tournament appears in the qualifying games and are usually updated live.
  •         Players have the capacity to win all the prizes from the tournament as well as the cash drops.
  •         In case two or more than two players get similar scores on the sbobet88 scoreboard, then the player who scored the highest score first will have the highest position.
  •         In order to read the TNC of all particular games, it can be done directly in the game.
  •         The pragmatic play has the right to change as well as postpone or even cancel the promotion at any time without giving any prior notice.

Slots For Casino-

  •         Four tournaments (weekly) will be conducted per week – including weekly baccarat tournament, weekly roulette tournament, weekly mega wheel tournament and weekly blackjack tournament.
  •         The ranking will be on the basis of highest score in each such weekly tournament.
  •         The players earn points for all the winning streak that they achieve from all tournaments during this period.
  •         The points increase at every winning streak but it depends on the win record of that particular player. The longer the winning record would be, the higher the points they earn.
  •         The prizes of the promotion can also be won in cash amounts without any sort of wagering requirements.
  •         If in any case, two or more players reach a similar score on the sbobet88 leaderboard, in this case the player who would have reached that score first will be eligible for a higher prize.
  •         If in an event there is an incorrect result then as mentioned in the Pragmatic play policies, the consecutive wins and points on the sbobet88 leaderboard of the weekly tournament will not get adjusted in any case.
  •         The promotional prize usually gets credited within 48 hours as and when the tournament ends.

These were the slots of both pragmatic and casino play at sbobet88 and they can help you play better.


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