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Eric Brahms – American Entrepreneur and President of Mae Capitat

If you’re wondering who Eric Brahms is, you’ve come to the right place. The founder of Mae Capita has built a successful business empire by investing in real estate, including property renovations and tear-downs. He also has a relationship with local architects and designers, which makes the turnaround time relatively short and allows for a high return on investment.

The businessman Eric Brahms is the President of Mae Capital, LLC, based in Greenwich, CT. The firm provides funding for investment in commodities, equity trading, and real estate development. Eric Brahms began his career promoting concerts and events in his late teens. He later went on to promote concerts with diverse artists. Brahms attended the American University, NYU, and Boston University.

In addition to his role as President of Mae Capita, Eric Brahms has been involved with antique, vintage, and antique timepieces for more than ten years. With this background, he developed relationships with world-class watchmakers, case and bracelet restoration specialists, and rare parts dealers. Those relationships allow him to authenticate rare vintage timepieces and sell them to world-class collectors.

Eric Brahms is an expert on vintage Rolex watches

If you have an appreciation for the history of the Swiss watchmaking brand, you may want to consider investing in vintage Rolex watches. During his years as an expert, Brahms has gained knowledge and experience from analyzing different dial variations and the trials and tribulations of buying and selling vintage Rolexes. Brahms’ expertise in vintage Rolexes is one of the primary reasons why he’s been able to establish a career in the field.

Eric Brahms is married to Emily Brumfield

American businessman Eric Brahms is married to Emily. They were married in 2012 in a private ceremony held at the Plaza Hotel. Harry Cipriani catered the event. The couple lives in Greenwich, CT. Brahms is active in local charities and enjoys participating in multiple philanthropic events. In his early years, he was a promoter of concerts and events. He worked with different artists to produce live performances at local nightclubs.

After graduating, Eric Brahms started collecting antique and vintage timepieces. He spent nearly three years researching dial variations and evaluating different types of watches. His efforts paid off as he sold off some of his treasures to wealthy collectors. Emily Brumfield, a renowned jewelry designer, is also his wife. The two are raising a son together. Eric and Emily enjoy travelling and spending time together.

Eric Brahms has two children

The entrepreneurial success of Eric Brahms was not always so smooth. He was a market maker at the NASDAQ until 2001, a time when he felt that his profession was more rewarding and less stressful than other jobs. Afterwards, he switched to a day trader role, using careful analysis of price-earnings ratios and supported his trades with the latest scanning and charting programs.

While real estate is a long-term investment, watches are short-term investments. In an article published in Barron’s in 2022, Brahms analyzed the secondary market performance of Rolexes and found that the luxury brand regularly outperformed other investment options. Brahms agrees. After all, he has a passion for vintage timepieces and watches.

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