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Winning in Baduhi Poker: How and What Tricks?

Badugi is a kind of closed poker which has landed on the web for a few months and which is enjoying growing success. According to poker legend Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson, it is no less than the future of poker that looms in this special game.

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A Closed Poker Game

This variant of poker online is closed, that is to say that the player only plays with the cards he has in hand. His game is not completed with a flop, a turn and a river, like in Texas Hold’em. Badugi can only be played in Pot Limit or Half Pot Limit. The raises are therefore capped. In the context of a Half Pot Limit for example, the raise must not exceed half of the pot put into play on the table.

The principle of Badugi

The game is played according to a simple rule: 4 cards are dealt per person around the table. On these 4 cards, to obtain a Badugi, the cards must be of different rank but also of different colors. For example a player who rolls A63D has a Badugi if the 4 cards are of different suits. The order of value is as follows: it is always the weakest Badugi who wins, for example A63D is beaten by A346, this is called a “low” game.

In the event that the players do not have Badugi, then the order of the hands is taken. A 3 card Badugi will beat a 2 card Badugi and so on. For clarity, here is the value scale: Badugi> 3-card hand> 2-card hand> 1-card hand. Be careful, average draws don’t mix well with a good idn domino qq player.

How the Game Unfolds

The game takes place over 3 turns. First the dealer gives the cards, then everyone bets raises or folds, then the players can exchange cards from their game. They can perform this fact 3 times in the game throughout the 3 turns. The last round sees the cards reveal themselves and therefore designates a winner who wins the pot. Throughout the game, the player, if he is satisfied with his game, may not take the draw to change his game. He then signals this to the dealer. Players can therefore change the game 3 times (triple-draw).

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A Game in Full Expansion

This game is developing especially in the United States but there is no doubt that it will land in France shortly. You can already play it on the internet, especially on the PokerStars site in the United States; which offers a $ 50 bonus for playing cashless freerolls or cash games.

What is HORSE?

A clever mix of different historical variants, HORSE was the playing format of the tournament. More expensive (buy-in: $ 50,000) of the WSOP for several years, tournament where the most seasoned players of the professional circuit faced each other.

General Information on HORSE

No, this is not the workhorse of the blinds, but a popular form of poker. In order to break away from the monotony of poker games played in one variation, HORSE was created. In particular, it makes it possible to compensate for the edge that a player may have on others in a specific variant, and thus to somewhat smooth the level of the players at the table.

These variants are played in turn, always in the same order. After playing 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo, we play Hold’em, and the round of variations resumes.

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