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Is Audience Presence Related To Home Advantage?

Every athlete is passionate about what sports they play because they have plans and goals that they want to achieve. The most common ambition is to improve their stamina and speed, develop better balance, increase agility, and become more explosive. Through this, they can win against any opponents they face – even those that are notoriously strong and powerful. Once an athlete becomes unbeatable, it is easy for mentors or known persons that provide great careers after school, scholarships for college, and national team powerhouses that they can play with together. 

That’s why they work hard and give their sweat and blood as they keep practicing to be the greatest not only as a team but also as individuals.

There are several things that someone can get benefit to become a sportsperson:

  • Good academic skills
  • Solving a problem is easy
  • Reduce pressure and stress with sports and reality dilemmas
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Health benefits; and last but not least,
  • Improve an individual’s sportsmanship

These values can help them attain more in life.

Those are not the only thing that players are after for being active in sports. They have their respective desires rather than enhancing their knowledge and skills. Such as becoming a successful individual in the field they are passionate about and know. 

However, as John Donne stated in his masterpiece created in the 17th century, “no man is an island,” these hustlers can only acquire the summit when someone supports them. Given that, there will be scenarios that won’t go how they plan their games and tactics. There will be moments of losses and failures, leading to an athlete’s downfall in spirit.

That is why players much prefer having a match within their homecourt premises because this place is where most supporters attend their games. Additionally, the site is already an abode wherein familiar scenes happen. Peace and comfort are both presents as well. 

Alas, there may be a quick turn in the course of events. The usual schemes players have grown accustomed to maybe beatable by the competitor once it didn’t work out well.

So, the real question is, does the presence of the audience a home advantage or the other way around?

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